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Barbara Jackson
Tristan Brooks

Barbara Jackson is well known throughout the needlework world for her love of traditional early English and American design. She is a graduate of the National Academy of Needlearts teacher certification program, and holds a certificate "with distinction" from England's Royal School of Needlework. Barbara has taught for many organizations over the years, including the ANG National Seminar, EGA National Seminar, and Callaway School of Needlearts. She markets her own original designs under the Tristan Brooks logo. Her work has been featured in Needle pointers, Needlepoint Now, Inspirations magazine (including cover of 2010 issue #67), the EGA magazine and Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly.



Class #207
The Berries of Spring

Teacher: Barbara Jackson
Max: 24 students (Min: 8 students)
Level: Intermediate

Price: $185.00
Scheduled: Thursday, 12:00pm - 2:45pm

Succulent berries ripen on vines while attentive birds are aflutter waiting for their chance to sneak a few for dinner. Springtime bursts forth on this wonderful sewing purse which features a pocket inside to hold the matching scissors case, a pin keep with tiny pincushion to match. All are stitched on 35 count Weeks hand-dyed Parchment linen and features Gloriana over-dyed Florimell threads including Gloriana over-dyed silk floss. Also beautiful Soie d'Alger silks add to the luster of this design. The inside of the purse is lined with a beautiful French lining, printed with tiny berries on the fabric. As you can see, quality abounds. Also did I tell you about the tiny Bohin scissors with matching red handles? They fit perfectly into the scissors case and won't fall out because of the secret magnet. This little sewing purse when folded, measures 4" x 4" when completed. This delightful design you will find mosaic stitches, queen stitches, eyelets and petit point. Complete instructions are included for stitching and finishing. You will never be weary in creating this future heirloom!

Kit includes: linen, cotton lining fabric, silks, scissors, needles, felted wool, buttons, magnets, complete instructions for stitching and finishing.

Please bring to class extra lighting and or magnification if needed.

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