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Sue Blomley
Pilgrim Stitches

Sue was born in Epping, Essex, England and lived in Buckinghamshire and Leighton Buzzard before spending 2 ½ years in Rangoon, Burma while her husband was attached to the British Embassy there. She learned most of her needleart skills from her mother who was an avid and skillful needlewoman. Sue learned to knit when she was eight and continued with embroidery education. It wasn't until she started attending classes in America that her artistic talents were whetted. She became known as the "Pilgrim Stitcher" when she and her husband took a 500 mile walk to Santiago. Every evening she would stitch and that inspired her to produce the Pilgrim Etui and to organize needlework seminars in England. After one of her seminars at Hampshire Archives and Museum she was invited to reproduce a piece in their collection. Since that experience she has been hooked. Sue feels privileged to work with beautiful antiques and to recreate them with linen and silks.


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